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Will you be mine
You can't imagine how much I ship it. Naoto x Kanako. I want to DIE everytime I see them being so obviously in love in the show but never, NEVER kiss ! All the time, I'm like "JUST KISS ALREADY !" T^T I don't like romance, but this pairing is felicity. FELICITY !
But, honestly, I'm happy they don't become a couple in the show. That would be boring for the story, and Naoto refused to live with her not to abandon his little brother AND IT'S THE CUTEST THING EVER !

Naoto and Kanako belong to Night Head Genesis. This show isn't mine. This show is amazing. It has stolen my life since this summer ! Go and watch it. Now. It's about two brothers. And their brotherhood is life. Really.
Polarshipping. Joey/Jonô-uchi x Mai. MY ULTIMATE OTP ! I honestly need to see Polarshipping happening in the canon series, but it won't since the show is over, and that Yu-Gi-Oh is like "Nah, we don't want romance here" x3 I'm happy of this state of mind, throught, because I adore Yu-Gi-Oh for friendship and sibling love, not for an ennoying romance. But the almost-but-never-canon Polarshipping makes me suffer anyway T^T So I made a drawing. Quickly, but I'm happy of the result.
Joey and Mai belongs to Kazuki Takahashi and Konami.
  • Listening to: Hey, Brother
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Some weeks ago, I came back on my gallery and re-read almost all comments on my old drawings. I was like "Oh my Gosh, that was a so good period !", since I had plenty of DA friends, people to talk with, share with and I even made some drawings for them ! (and they  helped me improve my English, ahaha. I've lost it by now ;-; ). Maybe it wasn't THAT good, anyway x3 I remember I was so sad all the time (bleh, I apologize about it. It was... unbearable >_>), but I least, there were people around me and I wasn't that alone (seriously, it has been so much time I hadn't spent any time with humain beings others than my family. But it's true that I had more real-life friends by this time).
But okay, that brought back nice old memories (and less nice, but sadness is part of life, so okay) and I felt happy for a night. So I thought "I could really come back on DA !". Yeah. Because it's summer, blue sky, green grass, yellow sun and that I'm holiday for already one month and a half ! So I have time to spend drawing a lot but I know it will end when I'll go back to university, ahahah. So I don't promise you a total come back. Let's say it's a... summer come back. Then, the wild Daisy will disappear again (but no worries, I still have a look on my messages every day >: D). Well, it should be a summer come back, except if, tomorrow, I'm like "Nah, drawing is tiring, I prefer sleeping, making stupid shippings on Tomodachi Life and watching Yu-Gi-Oh eating some chocolate". But let's hope it won't happen; it's not good for me to be as lazy as I am ;-; (even if I'm a total pro-lazyness !).
Yes, it was a good time when I was more active on DA. Not sure I love the person I was, throught. How could you bear me ? Seriously, when I re-think about it or re-read my old journals, I feel so ashamed. How childish and selfish I was ! Fortunately, I have deeply changed since these dark hours. Well, there still always are a problem with me, because I think too much and I probably am I sad person. Don't know, but thanks to my Sis :iconsayofan: (if you knew how much I luv you TwT), I do my best to make things I love even when my brain keep saying (YES, my brain talks omg) "You're intested in nothing. Let it down. You can't enjoy what you have. Silly girl". I promise I won't complain too much (I think you have listened to me complaining enough for your entire life, ahahaha). Also, I have finished with depressing drawings, saying "I want to diiiie !". My, that was stupid. Okay for sadness, but not that much, darn.

I don't know if you realised, but I kept posting some stuff. When I was active, I was in a Mario games mood (and I've almost forgotten all the shippings I've made ! Luigi x Eclaire, Luigi x Harmonie (Rosalina), Waluigi x Harmonie... even Mario x Luigi ! Argh ! I simply hate incest by now, how could I say one day "Yeah, Mario x Luigi is okay !" omfg o_o). Now, I'm on a Yu-Gi-Oh ! (mostly Duel Monsters) mood, since Seto Kaiba is the ultimate love of my life, and all. But my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh ! season will always be Zexal (my ultimate love~) I KNOW NOBODY LIKES IT and you can tell me how much you think it's an aweful arc, I'll say you how much I think you're a stupid person : D. I also have a HUGE love for brotherly love ( =w= ), so I adore Fire Emblem Fates and animes with siblings (and mostly brothers >: D) inside like Night Head Genesis, Ouran High School Host Club or Full Metal Alchemist. So I'll make as much brotherly drawings as I can >:3 My favourite pairs of siblings are :
:heart: Seto and Makuba/Mokuba Kaiba (YES it's Makuba in the French dub,don't ask me why they've changed one letter in his name, so it will stay Makuba for me)
:heart: Reginald/Ryoga "Shark" and Rio Kastle/Kamishiro
:heart: Joey and Serenity Wheeler/Katsuya Jonô-uchi and Shizuka Kawai
:heart: all the Nohr family, but especially M!Corrin and Leo
:heart: Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachin
:heart: Naoto and Naoya Kirihara
:heart: Sora and Shiro
:heart: Mario and Luigi
and others that I don't know yet ! Moreover, if you know some good animes, books or video games with siblings inside, feel free to suggest me some of them : D
(and I hate incestuous shippings. So don't talk about it with me or the wild Daisy will bite you >:c)

And what about romantical love ? Well, I don't like romance... at all. That makes me so angry for some reasons, ask me if you want to know why, it could be an interesting discussion. But okay. Romance is evil, eviiiil ! But I have some shippings, anyway. As long as it's not the center of a fanart, a fanfic or something else, it's okay. My favourite are :
:heart: M!Corrin x Niles
:heart: Yuma Tsukumo x Tori Meadows/Kotori Muzuki
:heart: Joey Wheeler/Katsuya Jonô-uchi x Mai Valentine (my ultimate OTP TwT)
:heart: Jack Atlas x Carly Carmine/Carly Nagisa
:heart: Noah Kaiba x Adena/Mary
:heart: Henry x Olivia
:heart: Ryo Bakura x Serenity Wheeler/Shizuka Kawai
:heart: Rio Kastle/Kamishiro x Tori Meadows/Kotori Mizuki
and some others, but less important in my little heart

Family, romance, something is missing... friendship ! Where is the holy friendship ! I AM IN LOVE WITH FRIENDSHIP DAMN IT ! (thank you, Zexal). So here are my favourite pairs of friends. ever :
:heart: Yuma Tsukumo and Astral
:heart: Yugi Muto and Atem/"Yami"/Pharaoh
:heart: Jaden/Judai Yuki and Syrus Trusdale/Sho Marufdji
:heart: Alito and Girag
:heart: Daisy and Stella
and some others, but it less passionate, you see.

And some others that belong to no one of those three categories :
:heart: Aquila and Daisy
:heart: Aquila and Corvus
:heart: Henry and Inigo

So feel ready to see some of these wonderful characters one day ! (well... if the lazy wild Daisy doesn't go back to sleep after having posted this journal x3). Moreover, it was tiring to write this journal. I hope I have forgotten nothing. It would be silly. But okay, it will be enough for today. Bye-bye, lots of kisses on the neck ! :*
PS : I write fanfictions on, on Dragon Quest IX, the Kaiba brothers and Fire Emblem Fates mostly. In French, say, but the automatical translation is (almost) your friend ! Interested in, feel free to ask me.




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